Michael Dallas Petersen Empowers Industries to Maximize their Business Potential

For any business to build itself up and grow, it needs to adapt to a fast-changing market by customizing and automating itself as required. Mike Dallas-Petersen specializes in this realm of business and has influenced several industries to date. He aims to provide clear direction in implementing strategies and solutions to maximize opportunities and results.

Mike Dallas-Petersen is a customer acquisition and systems expert and coach who mentors entrepreneurs in customizing and automating their businesses. He grew up and still lives in Northern British Columbia, Canada, where he found proficiency in computer systems after spending a decade working in the customer service industry. Mike also developed a keen ability to connect and communicate with people, and now uses these skills to pay it forward as an entrepreneur, providing credible and robust business advice.

Mike’s company, Social AiM Solutions, has succeeded in helping many industries. These niches include real estate, mortgage, dental, solar, legal, and as well as business-aspiring individuals. Mike takes an approach where entrepreneurs are provided with less intimidating course material and receive more hands-on group coaching and accountability.

Social AiM Solutions provides services directly influenced by Mike’s vision of customer service. He emphasizes the importance of listening to the industry to deliver what they want and innovating when appropriate. Mike provides an example, “If our clients order a steak at a restaurant, the rest of the industry is serving them salmon while we listen and serve steak.” His analogy is an expression of how he helps his clients by listening to what they want and need, and not being easily swayed by what a current industry trend dictates.

Mike has invested heavily in several masterminds, coaching, and personal development in the last three years to expand his knowledge of the industry’s ins and outs and share the same expertise to his clients. He is highly experienced in creating automation for lead generation and time-saving automation, and building systems in softwares such as HighLevel, Zapier, and many others. Mike also specializes in sales, customer relationship management, time management, and prospecting.

New York WeeklyYahoo Finance, and Kivo Daily have featured Mike, and he has been invited to speak at local business events about his experience in business building. His grit and commitment to his work stem from a fierce desire to live a happy and secure life with his wife and two young sons and to help other entrepreneurs break free from the corporate 9-5 system. For Mike, too many employees are underappreciated, undervalued, and underpaid, and he’s ready to help them break the mold.

Mike Dallas-Petersen and Social AiM Solutions offer group coaching and weekly training to entrepreneurs so they can cater to their needs and attend to their burning questions. The company also accommodates entrepreneurs who are still working 9-5 jobs and offer them a schedule to fit their busy calendars.

Know more about Mike and how Social AiM Solutions can help your business on their website.

What Is Automating Your Commissions? Founders Matt Tommy And Michael Dallas Petersen Tells You The Answer

What happens if a realtor, lender, or broker is allowed to flourish and excel by doing what they do best and letting the rest be automated? This would look like they can now finally focus on fueling key aspects of the business that will soon take off to success and even in lengths greater than they can imagine. While this sounds too good to be true, Matt Tommy and Michael Dallas-Petersen make this possible with Automating Your Commissions.

This duo set out to address the problems that the real estate industry has been working on for years but hasn’t reached a solution through automation. While there are real estate marketing agencies and companies, all they know is lead-generation, and that’s it. For Matt and Michael, real estate lead generation only does half of the job. $10 billion dollars worth of real estate leads are generated annually and that 45-55% do not receive an initial first contact. 

Thus with Automating Your Commissions, Matt and Michael wanted to address how the real estate industry can go beyond the customer service they provide today. This means not only strengthening the lead-generation but also refining skills in sales coaching, branding, and so much more. Most importantly, automating tasks that can be automated. This will then allow realtors, brokers, and lenders to focus on much greater things.

Automating Your Commissions has created a four-pillar system that is the blueprint of success in closing transactions, automating the processes, saving time, and allowing you to focus on key income-generating activities that drive your business forward.

The first pillar is a lead generation process that is unlike no other. They are able to innovate outdated strategies that still exist in the industry.

The second pillar is the actual follow up and speed to lead to see how quickly the realtor, agent, or lender is at following up and contacting the lead. 

The third pillar, on the other hand, is a step-by-step course on how to follow up, book appointments, close transactions and how to work the system effectively saving time, increasing appointments, overall pipeline management, closing more deals and even how to build a personal brand where you can also acquire organic leads. 

And the fourth pillar is by far, the most important, coaching. The coaching provides accountability, feedback on sales calls, detailed understanding of how to navigate market conditions, how to coach realtors on how to close clients, how to nurture leads (through automation) and scale your business. The goal is to allow you to work on your business and be an owner rather than just become a day to day operator who is in reactive mode. 

Indeed, Automating Your Commissions is helping realtors, lenders, and brokers build a brand that they have only dreamed of. They are changing processes, changing lives, and automating success. Matt and Michael take pride in making real estate marketing great again. Want to learn more? Visit their website at

Michael Dallas Petersen’s 5 Pillars to Infinite Growth: The Secret Sauce

New York, October 7, 2020 (INSIDER MONKEY WIRE)-- Nearly all businesses, regardless of size, have encountered problems at one point in their life cycle. While this can be caused by a number of different reasons, everyone almost always seems to identify the wrong problem. According to Michael Dallas-Petersen, 9 out of 10 times lead generation is usually the problem. Other likely problems include product or service positioning, lack of authority and in some cases you likely have an offer problem. These problems may cause your product or service to come off as a turn off to your target audience, or make them feel uncomfortable, or to think that you suck. As a result, this would cause limiting beliefs about selling.

But what really is a lead generation problem? A lead generation problem is usually an authority, offer or a messaging problem. A sales problem on the other hand is often-times a lead generation problem, messaging, offer, or authority problem. You may sometimes think that your problem is one thing when it is, in fact, quite the opposite. This is where you find yourself in a pickle and for you to get out of it, the first thing you’ll need is to be aware of your situation. Think of it like wanting to bake an amazing mouth-watering chocolate cake, without the recipe to follow you might not get the desired result.

How do you go about it? Like Michael Dallas-Petersen aptly puts it, when baking a cake, the first step is to mix a good batter. In the case of your sales or business, this is your actual authority. For instance, are you considered an online expert from your digital footprint? Your digital footprint includes your social media presence, following, articles, interviews, podcasts, speaking events, and testimonials among others. Your digital footprint helps to establish social proof and trust. The louder your digital footprint, the less time you will spend trying to convey to your audience that you’re an expert or that you’re the real deal. This means that more time can then be spent on your messaging, which is the second step of the cake-mixing process.

How do you package your message? Here you’ll have to do a deep dive research on your target audience’s desires and pain points. You will then tailor your message using their exact language through your social media content, articles, interviews, landing pages, email marketing and other content pieces, including advertisements and video sales letters (VSLS).

The third step is lead generation where Michael Dallas-Petersen recommends a combination of paid and organic leads. He ideally advises that you start with organic leads for the simple reason that through them you can test if your offer is actually proven. What's more, you will also be able to get market feedback and prevent yourself from getting your wallet robbed by the Facebook mob trying to figure out ads. Once you have mastered this yourself you can then delegate to a virtual assistant and take pride in having achieved business automation growth. At this point you can let it rip if your offer is proven, then you can go on to run those paid ads and fill up those calendars.

The fourth step is the most important part of the business- the SALES, getting people to buy into your offer or service. You should not use those copycat or cookie cut scripts. Why not? Because most of those scripts, sales patterns or language are very vanilla and therefore lack oomph. They mostly sound the same and in using them you end up putting your clients into a resistant state where they don’t want to buy. Think of it like going up to a lady at a bar and asking to buy her a drink. She’s likely heard that one before 1000 times, most likely with the exact same script. The tough part about baking a cake is making sure that all the ingredients and steps are perfect otherwise it's toast. Same goes for your business. You should understand your market again and learn how to reword your script to sound different or leverage your target audience.

The fifth step is scaling up. This includes a combination of systems, automations, software, hiring more virtual assistants, running even more paid ads, adding account managers and more operational pieces to the table. At this point you have your cake recipe ready and you can go on to bake that mouth-watering cake, or in this case, scale your business the correct way by following Michael Dallas-Petersen's 5 pillars to infinite growth. Remember that with the correct ingredients mixed in the right sequence and in the right amounts, you will have yourself the recipe for success.

Michael Dallas Petersen’s Basics for Connecting with your Audience

Identifying and connecting with the target audience in any niche plays a huge role in the success, or lack thereof, of a business. As a business owner, the first step towards establishing a business after getting an idea is identifying who needs it, and is willing to pay for it. Successful marketing and automation in business coach, Michael Dallas-Petersen, who has succeeded to master the process of identifying and connecting with his audience, shared some of the insights of how he goes about it.

Michael takes delight in his ability to find out from his audience exactly what they want and then going on to deliver the exact same thing. Understanding and listening to your customer, according to him, is key when connecting with your audience because people like to be listened and heard. This is as opposed to telling your audience what you “think” they want which, needless to say, comes off as disregarding their wishes. At the end of the day, the customers are at the center of your operations, keeping them happy only adds to your chances of success.

Having built himself numerous successful marketing and automation businesses in the social media agency space, Michael has made work easier for his clients in many ways. This he has achieved by helping them to automate their business processes from the prospecting phase all the way to a sales call. In the process of automation, the clients are then able to track their income and expenses and clearly see an accurate account of where their monies are coming from or going. Picture the example of a business owner who is not savvy with quick books and balancing accounting books, having such automated systems enables them to easily track their expenses versus income.

Michael’s automation process not only makes his clients’ work easier, it also enables them to get their money to work for them when he hires his network of virtual assistants to take on the trickier tasks that are more complex in nature. This effectively makes work easier for these clients, who as he puts it, are mostly dental practices who need less leads and more people sitting in their seats. For these dentists, the efficiency of not having to manually set up, confirm or cancel appointments makes their operations more seamless and saves them a lot of time.

In appealing to your target audience’s pain points, Michael Dallas-Petersen validates the importance of listening to your target audience’s needs. When he offers automated marketing solutions to the mortgage brokers with a team of loan officers who are hungry and ready to embrace technology, for instance, they see it as getting help to make their work easier than it would have been if they still relied on referrals. They effectively go from waiting for potential clients to react as a result of the referrals to acting on a direct prompt from the business. In this way, they end up thinking that they are getting the help they need to grow their business when in reality they are buying into Michael’s marketing and automation products and services.

In a nutshell, as a serial entrepreneur, Michael has continued to succeed as a result of his customer centered approach. By simply keeping his target audience happy and giving them exactly what they want, he has continued to grow and is optimistic that he will continue to leverage his marketing and automation services and grow massive wealth for his family on the internet.


Michael Dallas-Petersen, is a successful social media agency consultant known all over Canada. He grew up in a small town in British Columbia in Canada and had been nurturing his talent to polish it for his future years since he became a teenager. Although he wanted to create a name and space for himself in the digital world, he had never foreseen such an advancement in his professional life or career. He has undergone such a sudden growth in his career that he had to make certain amendments in the incorporation of technology in his work and also take care that he brings up innovative ideas and execute it in more appropriate ways.

He calls himself a serial entrepreneur who has the ability to build and automate business systems that help business organizations in cost reduction and increase the accountability of the business firms that he is working for. He handles the automation of the income and expense of a business through fully automating the prospecting phases of business until it’s a sales call. He also builds a sequence from advertising social media platforms mainly Facebook and ensures that leads are received up to 12 touch points within 5 days.

He has been experiencing a steady growth in his career and has been making about $100k in a month. He was able to bring about a positive change in his business in a brief period of time, due to his constant hard work and zeal for every work that he takes up. His automation systems include AI (Artificial Intelligence) tools, which is known as the future of technology. The AI confirms appointments, cancels appointments, and even book appointments for some of his clients. For the works that require human involvement, Michael employs a large number of virtual assistants. These virtual assistants are employed to handle the trickier tasks that cannot be automated but remain inevitable in any business.

It is a wonder how he manages to focus on a lot of client management without administering any delay in getting the work done. For him, the most important part of his business is to leave the client content and happy after getting their work done. Due to the constant passion for his work, he dedicates 7 days weekly and makes sure that every day of the week he accomplishes a particular task however small it may be. Systematic handling of professional life is really an important part of Michael’s life.

Amidst the fact that Michael is a workaholic, he ensures that he gives the same amount of care and importance to his family. He tries to spend quality time with them and therefore maintains a work-life balance. Michael has been happily married since 2016 to his beautiful high school sweetheart, Hunter Dallas-Petersen, whom he has been with for 12 years. Together with his wife, Michael has two children, both boys.

He has been able to connect with many businessmen, ranging from small-scale to large-scale and has also helped promote the products and business of the traditional businesspersons who have great resources, yet didn’t manage to expand their business beyond a certain locality. he had been a great relief to many businessmen who were struggling with promoting their good and materials. Kudos to Michael for bringing up innovative ideas and executing it to bring the economy up.

Michael Dallas Petersen: The Canadian Mastermind of Social Media Marketing

With the business firms encountering more problems as the crisis of the pandemic extends, many have taken to utilizing online marketing in order to enhance and promote their sales. Many business firms are consulting marketing coaches to survive amidst the pandemic. Marketing coaches help a firm to expand their business beyond boundaries and help them reap profit from their business using technological assistance.

Michael Dallas-Petersen is one of the most notable business automation coaches who helps in building better working and management of businesses through online sites and social media. He has the ability to build and automate business systems that help business organizations in cost reduction and promotion of accountability.

He helps his business clients through a system called automation. He has a special skill at building systems around businesses and automating them. This automation enables him to drive down cost as well as create accountability for the businesses. His system that takes care of online marketing fully automates the prospecting phase of a business all the way until it becomes a sales call. He therefore, effectively automates the income and expense part of the business in such a way that the final numbers are accurate to date. He analyses each and every data that comes and goes out systematically and accurately.

His systems enable the building of a sequence from advertising platforms such as Facebook and ensuring that leads receive up to 12 touch points in 5 days. He takes specific care that he is always updated and uses highly advanced new generation technologies in his marketing procedures. His systems include Artificial intelligence tools that confirm appointments, cancel appointments, and even book appointments for some of his clients. Something of a rarity that only a numbered few makes use of. This increases the quality of the work as well as reduces the time required for getting a work done.

For works that require human interaction, Michael employs a large number of virtual assistants. These virtual assistants are employed to handle the complex tasks that cannot be automated but that are too important to be neglected. With this, he ensures that every work is completed without delay nor imperfection.

Apart from being an excellent marketing coach, MICHAEL is a complete family man. He has been married to Hunter Dallas-Petersen and is father to two children, both boys. Even with his tight schedule refraining him from engaging more into his personal life, he ensures that he spends quality time with his family, therefore having a proper work-life balance.

With his hard work and passionate approach to his job, he is one of the major social media agency experts today.

The Mindset for Success According to Michael Dallas-Petersen’s Perspective

Michael Dallas-Petersen has over the last five years built himself a number of successful marketing businesses within the social media space. The serial entrepreneur from British Columbia, Canada prides himself in having created his businesses from scratch, automating them right off the bat at the prospecting phase all the way to the point where they become sales calls. While this might sound simple and straightforward, that may not always be the case especially considering the number of people who have tried their hand at social media agency marketing and automation with little to no success. 

Where many entrepreneurs have failed, Dallas-Petersen has gone on to succeed in becoming a sought after business coach who has scaled up businesses to a point where they generate $100,000 per month in recurring revenue in 12 months. This begs the question of what he does differently or what his unique style of doing things that gets him this success is. 

In his words, Dallas-Petersen described some of the unique factors that have contributed to his social media agency marketing success include showing up every single day, seven days a week and putting in the work. Having built and grown his business to nearly $100,000 per month in recurring revenue in 12 months, Dallas-Petersen said that he has no days off. For him, every day is an opportunity to improve himself in one way or another. Sometimes this can be by simply reading a book because he believes that having discipline in the small things contributes to his great success. 

Another unique characteristic that he attributes the success of his business to is his outright dislike for excuses. Dallas-Petersen challenged anyone that might have an excuse by saying, “The difference from where you are and where you want to be is what you do.” For every time that you ask yourself why you are not where you want to be, if the answer is not an action towards getting there, then what you have, simply put, is just an excuse. Dallas-Petersen suggests that you crush those with actions.

Building a successful marketing and automation business is no easy feat, but Dallas-Petersen has gone on to do just that. He takes immense pride in his ability to seamlessly automate and build systems around internet-based businesses that happen to be a majority of his target market.  This is yet another of his unique attributes that contribute largely to his success in the social media space. Whether it’s the dentist with a small practice around the corner who wants less leads but more patients sitting in his seat, or the mortgage broker who has a team of young and hungry loan officers, Dallas-Petersen has set himself apart by listening to what they want then giving it to them exactly how they want it. 

In addition, Dallas-Petersen also credits his ability to work until the job is done. He is not scared to take risks and do what it takes to make it happen. A dedicated family man who draws inspiration to build and automate successful marketing social media agencies from his own family, Michael Dallas- Petersen believes that continuing to build systems around internet-based business will keep him successful for a lifetime to come.

Michael Dallas-Petersen Has Devised Three Growth Hacks to Leverage Dealings

Michael Dallas-Petersen gets asked all the time: “What do you use Go High Level for? How does it work? Is it as complicated as it seems? Michael laughs and smiles politely, and says, “Everything, and no it’s not.”

Some background about using software/CRM solutions (Customer Relation Management Tool). Go High Level is a CRM that can automate emails, voicemail drops, text messages, you can build sales pages/landing pages, websites, tracking, live transfers and about 100 other valuable applications. Put simply, this amazing app is an all-in-one business solution.

Michael Dallas-Petersen has over 10 remote staff overseas that use the Go High Level software to make calls for their dental clients every day and book appointments. Michael has schedules built to make sure his dental leads and appointments show up for their in-person examination.

Michael Dallas-Petersen – A Serial Social Media Agency Entrepreneur

Michael Dallas-Petersen is a Canadian who was raised in British Columbia. All his work of automation and creation of systems around businesses is his lifetime opportunity that he uses to support and grow his family. In a nutshell, he has a beautiful wife and two amazing boys and they have plans to have two more children.

Michael Dallas-Petersen is a real inspiration to anyone who is wishing to make it in the social media agency industry. He's a serial entrepreneur who has succeeded in the social media agency with the ability to build and automate business systems that help business organizations in cost reduction and promotion of accountability.

He shared with us some of his major skills which include the automation of the prospecting phases of businesses until they become sales calls, automation of the income and expense part of a business so numbers are accurate to the day and are organized in a way understand where each dollar is coming and going, building a sequence from the advertising platforms such as Facebook, ensuring leads receive up to 12 touch points in 5 days and having AI tools that confirm appointments, cancels appointments and even book appointments for the clients are the ones that have greatly contributed to his success.

According to him, each business always has complex tasks that are hard to tackle. Michael Dallas-Petersen throws them to his team of Virtual Assistants who have the expertise to handle such complex tasks. He expects the best in all the possible ways for the future being aware that there has never been a better time to make use of the internet, connections, and relationships. He really does not like excuses and always crushes them with the proper actions.

To understand this well, Michael has to do something every day for the seven days of the week which he believes is the path to his greatness and the difference between where he is and where he wants to be is what he does.

Every day of his life he spends working on automation and building business systems to keep him moving on with his life. He is a risk-taker who works hard to make everything happen with his good listening abilities to deliver the best for all his clients. Michael Dallas Petersen works to build a great business to make massive wealth for the benefit of his beloved family. This is evident as his business now makes about $100k in a month.

He can relate and connect with agency owners, cosmetic dentists who perform dental implants, and mortgage brokers who have loan officers who are willing to make use of the current technology.

Michael Dallas-Petersen: How to truly scale with systems

When I first met Michael Dallas-Petersen, about a year ago, he had just quit his job as a salesman at Kal Tire in Mackenzie, northern British Columbia. Michael has over a decades experience in customer service, training, hiring and scaling in bricks and mortar. However, as time progressed Michael became dissatisfied with the limitations of this role and cast about for something bigger to sink his teeth into. Something challenging but also something that incorporated more of a lifestyle, that would enable him to spend more quality time with his wife and two young boys.

The journey along Michael’s entrepreneurial path was slow, with numerous failures and setbacks in the affiliate space. However what never stopped Michael was his personal drive and ambition coupled with his ability to learn, and master the science of paid traffic as well as building new systems and automated services. Through leveraging these skills intelligently Michael has become somebody that Almost Entrepreneur digital magazine labels as “one of the major social media agency experts today.”

It was only about 60 days ago that Michael’s agency, the Implant Patient Machine, scaled to 100k per month. This new agency provides an innovative digital solution, which in the words of the London Daily Post has revolutionised the marketing and delivery of dental services.

So I sat down with Michael and asked him how he got to this level and more importantly how he builds systems that deliver real results for his clients. “For the first 2-3 years” Michael explained, “I just rolled up my sleeves, dipped into my savings and just tested stuff to see what kind of things would work on popular easily accessible platforms like Facebook. For example, what AI tools – stuff like automated business systems and virtual assistants  – can combine to provide real synergies and therefore results for clients.”

“The moment that changed it all for me was when I invested time and money in a program a while back to understand the basic concept and structure of the system.” Despite much needling Michael wouldn’t tell me which program. Simply saying in response, “I can’t give away all my secrets can I!” “But to give you an example – if you have a business problem or problem with under-performing personnel I can build a solution because I think very analytically like a data scientist/engineer. So once that light bulb moment goes off, I go down the rabbit hole, learn everything I can about existing apps like Zapier, Go High Level, Google spreadsheets, tracking and such and custom build an automated business system that will allow your business to thrive.”

Michael has also seemingly taken to heart self help and business guru Tony Robbins’ mantra that “There’s the business you’re in, and the business you’re becoming. If you’re constantly managing those two businesses, you won’t have to pivot. Because you’re always doing something to innovate.” So it is no surprise that not only does Michael develop and build automated business systems but he has also diversified into coaching, alongside his expert team, on how to use them and how to get the most out of them. So, in a short span of time Michael has become what Ibtimes refers to as a “serial entrepreneur.”

A lot of people who know Michael say his brand is wired differently. “The cool thing” Michael says in his coaching and his agency is that “I can provide unique solutions that no one else offers”. Examples include automated onboardings, automated proposal sendings and a seemingly never ending list of whizz big bang for your buck systems and apps. Whatever your business needs Michael has unique solutions for working around the mundane time consuming but important things so you can focus on what you want to do to grow your business, not what you have to do to maintain the status quo.

If you want to buy back your time the same way that Michael bought back his, please message him on Facebook