Michael Dallas Petersen Empowers Industries to Maximize their Business Potential

For any business to build itself up and grow, it needs to adapt to a fast-changing market by customizing and automating itself as required. Mike Dallas-Petersen specializes in this realm of business and has influenced several industries to date. He aims to provide clear direction in implementing strategies and solutions to maximize opportunities and results.

Mike Dallas-Petersen is a customer acquisition and systems expert and coach who mentors entrepreneurs in customizing and automating their businesses. He grew up and still lives in Northern British Columbia, Canada, where he found proficiency in computer systems after spending a decade working in the customer service industry. Mike also developed a keen ability to connect and communicate with people, and now uses these skills to pay it forward as an entrepreneur, providing credible and robust business advice.

Mike’s company, Social AiM Solutions, has succeeded in helping many industries. These niches include real estate, mortgage, dental, solar, legal, and as well as business-aspiring individuals. Mike takes an approach where entrepreneurs are provided with less intimidating course material and receive more hands-on group coaching and accountability.

Social AiM Solutions provides services directly influenced by Mike’s vision of customer service. He emphasizes the importance of listening to the industry to deliver what they want and innovating when appropriate. Mike provides an example, “If our clients order a steak at a restaurant, the rest of the industry is serving them salmon while we listen and serve steak.” His analogy is an expression of how he helps his clients by listening to what they want and need, and not being easily swayed by what a current industry trend dictates.

Mike has invested heavily in several masterminds, coaching, and personal development in the last three years to expand his knowledge of the industry’s ins and outs and share the same expertise to his clients. He is highly experienced in creating automation for lead generation and time-saving automation, and building systems in softwares such as HighLevel, Zapier, and many others. Mike also specializes in sales, customer relationship management, time management, and prospecting.

New York WeeklyYahoo Finance, and Kivo Daily have featured Mike, and he has been invited to speak at local business events about his experience in business building. His grit and commitment to his work stem from a fierce desire to live a happy and secure life with his wife and two young sons and to help other entrepreneurs break free from the corporate 9-5 system. For Mike, too many employees are underappreciated, undervalued, and underpaid, and he’s ready to help them break the mold.

Mike Dallas-Petersen and Social AiM Solutions offer group coaching and weekly training to entrepreneurs so they can cater to their needs and attend to their burning questions. The company also accommodates entrepreneurs who are still working 9-5 jobs and offer them a schedule to fit their busy calendars.

Know more about Mike and how Social AiM Solutions can help your business on their website.